Demand your MP support the creation of a Palestinian State. If they refuse, vote them out.

How does it work?

  1. Identify your MP.

  2. Download the letter. Edit anything you don't agree with. We suggest not editing or toning down the demand.

  3. Take it to your mosque, your synagogue, your university, or your community centre. Get at least ten people to put their names and addresses. Make sure they explicitly consent to sharing their information.

  4. Send it to your MP from all 10+ people.

About Us.

This group is dedicated to exploring how tactical voting can support the creation of a Palestinian State in the next U.K. general election.

An initial [simple] analysis shows that 25% of constituencies across the U.K. might be sensitive to tactical voting.

Our underlying belief is that democracy can work to reflect the will of the people. So be it.

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